Multiple Camera Systems (Air Potato)
Air Potato - Feature Benefits
  • Use the Air Potato to get control of Wide, Tight and EZ
  • We have 2 Different Air Potato Configurations -1 SL/ 1 EZ or 2 SL/1 EZ
  • End up with the same number of clips for all your angles when the game is over, eliminating the need to match angles
  • The system provides power to your cameras, so no need for expensive long life batteries or extra cables
  • Works with the most popular endzone systems including the Rover
  • This will save you time!
  • Tested at more than 700 yards
Air Potato Camera System for Control 2 SL and 1 EZ Camera
  • Remote control (record on/off) of your Endzone camera from the sideline
  • Synchronize your Endzone camera to your sideline cameras
  • Take the recording responsibilities out of the Endzone cameraman’s hands
  • Download the same number of clips as the sideline camera
  • Matching angles made easy
  • Integrates with most end zone systems with LANC control
  • Sideline wide, tight, and end zone recording with one button press
  • Air Coach Potato Package includes two Full HD Sony Camcorders, SD Cards, Tripod, Dual Stack Mount and Air Coach Potato for control and power for 2 Local Camcorders and control of 1 Remote Camcorder
Hard travel case to protect your investment
  • The Sideline Potato Case is designed to protect your investment. Special compartments are cut out for your Cameras, Potato, optional monitor, dual stack bar and accessories.
Rain cover to protect your Potato System investment
  • Coaches Video has designed a Rain Cover specifically for the Potato Systems with the Dual Stack bar.
  • The Rain Cover securely mounts to the dual stack bar and has a clear back so the user can see the optional 8 inch field monitor or the camera's LCD monitors.
  • Kit also includes rain cover for control handle