Dual Camera Systems (Coach Potato)
The Coach Potato - Features and Benefits
  • Matches your start and end times for 2 angles
  • One operator for 2 cameras
  • Both cameras will have the same number of clips which makes it easy to import into your editing system
  • System will power cameras and the optional monitor
  • Saves time matching angles!
  • Picture shows optional 8 inch Monitor
  • Carry Case for all equipment available
  • Rain Cover option available
Coach Potato Dual Camera System - CVPPCam05DMX
  • The Coach Potato allows 1 camera person to shoot both wide and tight angles of a game from the press box.
  • This reduces human error with one person shooting both angles, and you are assured of having the same number of plays, with no need to match your angles! This will save you time!
  • The CVPPCam05DMX Includes: 2 HD Sony Camcorders, Dual Stack Mount, and Coach Potato tripod with remote control handle (controls 2 Camcorders). Package also provides USB & traditional power to the cameras to reduce the number of cables and remove the need for expensive long life batteries
  • Note: Picture shown with optional 8 inch monitor.
Hard Travel Case to protect your investment
  • The Sideline Potato Case is designed to protect your investment. Special compartments are cut out for your Cameras, Potato, optional monitor, dual stack bar and accessories.
Rain Cover to protect your Potato System Investment
  • Coaches Video has designed a Rain Cover specifically for the Potato Systems with the Dual Stack bar.
  • The Rain Cover securely mounts to the dual stack bar and has a clear back so the user can see the optional 8 inch field monitor or the camera's LCD monitors.
  • Kit also includes rain cover for control handle